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  • Can Mixers be planned for a large group of friends?
    At this time it isn’t possible to privatize a Mixer or invite a large group of friends. Spaces are filled on a first come first serve basis. Part of the beauty of a Mixer is that travelers come as strangers and leave as friends. If interested in a curated experience for a large group, feel free to contact us about our Bespoke Planning services.
  • What if I don’t want to share a room with a stranger?
    Standard accommodation for a SOCIAFLITE Mixer is douple occupancy. For your comfort, roommate requests can be made and will be accommodated when possible. While we encourage room sharing, we understand that some people aren’t comfortable with a roommate arrangement. For an additional fee, we can provide single occupancy options when available.
  • Can I go out and explore on my own?
    Each Mixer has alloted free time, allowing you to explore and engage in activities of your choosing. We spend time to curate experiences for your enjoyment, but we understand that travelers may have their own interests.
  • What’s a PacePack and do I have to get it?
    PacePacks are excursion and activity add-on packages to color your Mixer experience. Fast Pace- includes all tours and excursions planned for the duration of the trip Ideal for those ready to go and intent on getting the full experience Relaxed Pace- includes pre-selected excursions. Ideal for those who’d like more free time to rest or engage in personal activities. Purchasing a PacePack is not required but is encouraged for the full group experience.
  • What if I want to upgrade or downgrade my PacePack?
    You can upgrade your PacePack up to 45 days prior to the trip, provided there is availability. Any upgrades will incur a late fee of $25.00. Downgrades are not permitted.
  • Can I choose which excursions to partake in with the Relaxed PacePack?
    The Relaxed PacePack activities are pre-selected and cannot be individually chosen. The selection is made based on length of excursions, itinerary flow, and tour group size restrictions.
  • When are dates confirmed for Mixers?
    All dates are tentative until they are officially available for purchase. For example, if a date is listed with the note: available for purchase on January 29th, the official dates will be available on January 29th.
  • The dates don’t exactly work for me. Can I come late or leave early?
    You may arrive or depart at your convenience, but keep in mind payment is required for the full experience regardless of arrival/departure.
  • What does my payment include?
    Mixer inclusions vary by destination. For specific inclusions and exclusions, view trip information for the destination of your choice.
  • Is my initial deposit refundable?
    If you request a refund within 24 hours after your initial deposit payment was made, we will gladly refund you to your original payment method. After the 24 hour period has passed, your initial deposit is final, non-refundable, and non-transferable.
  • What happens if I can no longer attend a trip I’ve paid for?
    If for any reason you can no longer attend a trip you have already paid into, any monies you have paid into said trip will be refunded to your original method of payment, minus the initial deposit, up to 120 days prior to departure, provided a replacement traveler is confirmed. If a replacement traveler is not confirmed, you can elect to transfer any paid monies, minus the intial deposit, to another Mixer trip occurring within 12 months for a transfer fee of $150.
  • I can’t make a trip payment on time, what happens now? (Late Payments)
    Payment deadlines are outlined in your initial email and it is your responsibility to make these payments on time. There is a three day grace period granted for late payments before late fees are assessed.
  • How much of a late fee should I expect if my payment is not recieved on time?
    A $30 late fee is assessed immediately after the three day grace period each time a payment is late.
  • Non-Payment/Cancellation
    If a payment has not yet been received 14 days after the three day grace period and no payment arrangements have been made and confirmed in writing with SOCIAFLITE, you will forfeit your space on the trip in question. If a replacement traveler cannot be confirmed, SOCIAFLITE reserves the right to keep all monies paid as a cancellation/non-payment fee.
  • Do trip schedules or activities ever change after I’ve booked?
    Yes. While we try to stay as close to the schedule as possible, everything on the trip is subject to change due to weather and local factors.
  • What happens if a change to accommodation or itinerary is made after I book?
    Changes to advertised accommodations or itinerary are unlikely but may occur due to circumstances beyond our control. In the event of a change to accommodation or itinerary, you will be notified immediately and be provided with information on the updated accommodations which will always be of equal or greater quality. While we aim to operate all trips as marketed, reasonable changes may be made when necessary or advisable for operational reasons by SOCIAFLITE and its partners. If we make a change to any trip (such as expressly listed accommodations and/or itinerary items), we will inform the guest(s) booked on the trip in question as soon as possible. If a Change is made more than 14 days prior to departure, the affected Client may elect to: (i) accept the Change and proceed with the amended trip; (ii) book another trip of equivalent or greater value, if available (you will be responsible for paying any difference in price between the changed trip and the trip booked in its place); (iii) book another trip of a lower value, if available, and receive a refund of the difference in price; or (iv) cancel and receive a full refund of all monies paid to SOCIAFLITE
  • How can I book your services?
    To get started, complete our online inquiry form here. A member of our team will then reach out to you to schedule your free consultation call to gather more information about the trip you desire and walk you through our service tiers and planning process.
  • Do you charge a service booking fee?
    Yes, a non-refundable, non-transferable service fee is required to initiate the planning process and is assessed per person participating in the trip. The fee amount is assessed by service tier, depending on the extent of trip planning you desire. The service fee and signed confirmation form is due within 5 business days of our initial consultation. Planning will not commence until the service fee is paid in full and we have received your e-signed service confirmation form. The service fee cost is assessed per trip.
  • How much do you charge for your services?
    The service fee is broken down into three tiers depending on the extent of trip planning you desire. We provide services ranging from flight and accomodation booking assistance to fully curated trip itineraries.
  • How much advance notice do you need to plan an event?
    We recommend contacting us to begin planning at least 6 months prior to your trip, however we may be able to provide planning services with any amount of advanced notice at an additional cost. Please keep in mind planning trips with shorter notice will likely result in higher trip costs and availability constraints.
  • I’m not sure where I want to go but I know I want to go. Can you help?
    If you’re unsure of where you’d like to go, we’d be happy to help you select a location that matches your travel personality and preferences. For a flat fee, we provide Destination Consultations. Simply take our survey and we’ll send you 3-4 options to choose from based on the information gathered.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, payment plans may be available depending on the location and nature of your trip. Payment plan availability and structures are dependent on various factors such as destination, budget, trip length, and how far in advance trip planning is confirmed.
  • What if I have to cancel my trip?
    In the event of trip cancellation, the service fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Refund policies vary by trip and when the cancellation is made. SOCIAFLITE always highly recommends that all clients purchase travel insurance to cover themselves in the event of cancellations. We are able to recommend or add travel insurance to your booking during planning.

Please note these terms and conditions have been formatted in a FAQ format for your convenience.

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